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Most Remembering 40th Birthday Party Ideas For Men

40th birthday party ideas for men should make the 40th birthday a man’s memorable day for many years to come, this is because most men see the 40th year as a transition year and therefore on this day they look back at their life, how they have lived and what lies in the future for them.

Venue of the Party

The location of a man’s 40th birthday party should be around his favourite activities and his passion. For example, if your man loves the sea/ocean he will enjoy a party held at the beach or local aquirium. You can further make the venue entertaining by incorporating a movie theater to show you 40 year old man’s favorite movies. To avoid disturbance from strangers it advisable to rent the entire venue.


40th_birthday_party_decorationThe decorations used should have the number 40 theme to make the day not only beautiful but unforgetable. Decorate the party venue with 40 picture of your 40 years birthday boy at various phases on his life. Arrange them in such a way that they tell his life story right from childhood to youth and then to his adulthood and end with his current picture. You can also decorate the venue with 40 balloons and 40 candles to emphasize on the theme.

Guest list

The number of guests to invite depends on big you want the party to be. If you want to throw a big bush to a 40 year old man in addition to his closest friends and family it is advisable to also invite the people he has not seen for a long time for example his childhood friends, his college/ university roommate and the priest who officiated his wedding/ marriage ceremony. If your want to organize a more intimate party then it is advisable to invite only his closest friends and family.

Whether an intimate or a huge bush make sure most guests invited have a unique story to share with other guests about a funny or touching moment that they shared with the 40 year-old party boy.


Gift are part and parcel of every birthday. For a man who is turning forty the gift you give him should be one that he will not only treasure but one that will make him laugh. In most cases a gift a 40 year party boy is determined by his sense og humour. The various gifts that can be given include adventure gifts, gadgets and gift of words.

Adventure gifts are meant to remind the man of his youth, for example if he loved horse riding you can hire a horse for him to ride. Gadgets that can be bought as 40th birthday gift for men include Laptops and iPhones.

The gift of words is the greatest of all the 40th birthday party ideas for men. This gift is usually given by a wife to his 40th year-old husband and in most cases it involves writing 40 things she loves about his man and reading them to him.

Last Words

A man’s 40th birthday is a great event in his life therefore when preparing a bithrday party for them dont miss out on some of the briliant 40th birthday party ideas for men discussed above such as the number “40″ theme.

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